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2020年海外专家系列学术讲座(七)Zhenkai Hu: Development and Technical Background of Surgical Robots

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讲座题目(Title of Lecture):Development and Technical Background of Surgical Robots

讲座时间(Time of Lecture):2020年12月23日 星期三 16:00-17:00

讲座地点(Site of Lecture):腾讯会议ID:799 271 907

主讲人(Lecturer):Dr Zhenkai Hu, Future Robot, KR

报告人简介(Introduction of Lecturer):

Dr Hu had his Bachelor and Master degree from Northeastern University, China. And then he got the PhD from Korea University, South Korea in 2011. He did his research about surgical robotics as a post doctor in National Cancer Center KR and Asan Medical Center from 2011 to 2018. He is currently a chief scientist in FutureRobot corporation and also director of R&D institute in SA corporation and director in Midas AI corporation in South Korea.

讲座内容(Content of Lecture):

Development and Technical Background of Surgical Robots 

With the rise of industrial robot technology, medical service robots have gradually come out. The worldwide application of the most representative Da Vinci surgical robot proves the inevitable trend of traditional medical treatment towards non-invasive, precise and intelligent development. Since the advent of the Da Vinci robot, the medical robot industry has developed rapidly. 

This topic will introduce the development of modern surgical robots, illustrate the structural design and principles of surgical robots with examples, explain the surgical robot technology under the background of "Internet +", and the impact of the rise of AI on surgical robots.  

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