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2020年海外专家系列学术讲座(六)Hong Wei: Applications of Computer Vision

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讲座题目(Title of Lecture):Applications of Computer Vision

讲座时间(Time of Lecture):2020年12月21日星期一17:00-18:00

讲座地点(Site of Lecture):腾讯会议ID:395 778 119

主讲人(Lecturer):Dr Hong Wei, University of Reading, UK

报告人简介(Introduction of Lecturer):

Dr Wei had her first and Master degree from Tianjin University, China, and then the PhD from Birmingham University, UK. She is currently an associate professor in Computer Science in the University of Reading. Her research area covers images analysis, image-based pattern classification, and applications of computer vision. She is an author/co-author of over 70 academic papers and 2 books in her research area.

讲座内容(Content of Lecture):

Computer vision and pattern classification have a wide range of applications. This talk covers two areas, remotely sensed image understanding and biometrics. After a brief introduction to computer vision, several projects in the two areas conducted in the University of Reading are introduced, such as Lidar and co-registered data in land-cover classification, monitoring crop growth from satellite imagery, anti-spoofing in face recognition, gait recognition, and keystroke dynamics authentication.  

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